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Privacy For Customers/Institutions | Qualia Analytics
Privacy for Customers
Privacy for Customers
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Privacy For Customers/Institutions

Handling your institutional and respondent information and data.


This privacy policy explains how Qualia Analytics handles your personal information and data. We value your trust, so we’ve strived to present this policy in clear, plain language instead of legalese. The policy is structured so you can quickly find answers to the questions that interest you the most.

This privacy policy applies to all the products, services and websites offered by Qualia Analytics Ltd., Qualia Analytics LLC, and affiliate or subsidiary brands, except where otherwise noted. We refer to those products, services and websites collectively as “services” in this policy. Some services have supplementary privacy statements that explain in more detail our specific privacy practices in relation to them. Unless otherwise noted, our services are provided by Qualia Analytics LLC. inside of the United States, and by Qualia Analytics Ltd. everywhere else.

Questions? For questions regarding our privacy policy or practices, contact Qualia Analytics by email at

Customers & Survey Respondents

Qualia Analytics surveys and evaluation tools are used by our Customers, the people or organisations for whom we create surveys, and who conduct surveys online) and survey respondents, people who answer those surveys. The information we receive from Customers and survey respondents and how we handle this information differs, so we have split this privacy policy into two parts.


Your survey data is owned by you. Not only that, but Qualia Analytics treats your surveys as if they were private. We don’t re-sell them to anyone and we don’t use the survey responses you collect for purposes unrelated to you or our services, except in a limited set of circumstances (e.g. if we are compelled by a subpoena, or if you’ve given us permission to do so).

We safeguard the respondents’ email addresses. To make it easier for you to invite people to take your surveys via email, you may upload lists of email addresses, in which case Qualia Analytics acts as a mere custodian of that data. We don’t sell these email addresses and we use them only as directed by you and in accordance with this policy. The same goes for any email addresses collected by your surveys.

We hold your data securely. Read our Security Statement for more information.

Survey data is stored on servers located in Frankfurt, Germany. Qualia Analytics will process your survey data on your behalf and under your instructions (including the ones agreed to in this privacy policy). We utilize DigitalOcean and Amazon AWS data centers to store the response data of your surveys.

1. What information does Qualia Analytics collect?

When you use Qualia Analytics, we collect information relating to you and your use of our services from a variety of sources. These are listed below. The sections afterward describe what we do with this information.

Information we collect directly from you

  • Registration information. You need a Qualia Analytics account before you can create surveys on Qualia Analytics. When we create an account for you, we collect your email address and generate a password for you.
  • Billing information. If you make a payment to Qualia Analytics, we require you to provide your billing details, such as a name, address, email address and financial information corresponding to your selected method of payment (e.g. a credit card number and expiration date or a bank account number). If you provide a billing address, we will regard that as the location of the account holder.
  • Account settings. You can set various preferences and personal details on pages like your account settings page. For example, your communication preferences (e.g. how often you receive notifications from your survey submissions).
  • Survey data. We store your survey data (questions and responses) for you.
  • Other data you intentionally share. We may collect your personal information or data if you submit it to us in other contexts. For example, if you provide us with a testimonial, or participate in a Qualia Analytics contest.

We don’t share or abuse your respondents’ email addresses. Rest assured, Qualia Analytics will not email your survey respondents except at your direction. We definitely don’t sell those email addresses to any third parties.

Information we collect about you indirectly or passively when you interact with us.

  • Usage data. We collect usage data about you whenever you interact with our services. The log files contain data about the nature of each access, including originating IP addresses, date, and location.
  • Device data. We collect data from the device and application you use to access our services, such as your IP address and browser type. We may also infer your geographic location based on your IP address.
2. How does Qualia Analytics use the information we collect?

We treat your survey questions and responses as information that is private to you. We know that, in many cases, you want to keep your survey questions and responses (which we collectively refer to as “survey data”) private. Unless you decide to share your survey questions and/or responses with the public (such as by making the survey questions and responses available via a public link), we do not use your survey data other than as described in this privacy policy or unless we have your express consent. We do not sell your survey data to third parties without your permission.

Generally, we use the information we collect from you in connection with providing our services to you and, on your behalf, to your survey respondents. For example, specific ways we use this information are listed below. However, this privacy policy is not intended to restrict our use of survey questions or responses that you have chosen to make available online through a public link or by hosting the survey on your website.

  • To provide you with our services.
    • This includes providing you with customer support, which requires us to access your information to assist you (such as with survey design and creation or technical troubleshooting).
    • Certain features of our services use the content of your survey questions and responses and your account information in additional ways. Feature descriptions will clearly identify where this is the case. You can avoid the use of your survey data in this way by simply choosing not to use such features.
  • To manage our services. We internally use your information, including certain survey data, for the following limited purposes:
  • To monitor, maintain, and improve our services and features. We internally perform statistical and other analysis on information we collect (including usage data, device data, referral data, question and response data and information from page tags) to analyse and measure user behaviour and trends, to understand how people use our services, and to monitor, troubleshoot and improve our services, including to help us evaluate or devise new features. We may use your information for internal purposes designed to keep our services secure and operational, such as for troubleshooting and testing purposes, and for service improvement, marketing, research and development purposes.
  • To enforce our Terms of Use.
  • To prevent potentially illegal activities.
  • To screen for and prevent undesirable or abusive activity. For example, we have automated systems that screen content for phishing activities, spam, and fraud.
  • To create new services, features or content. We may use your survey data and survey metadata (that is, data about the characteristics of a survey) for our internal purposes to create and provide new services, features or content. In relation to survey metadata, we may look at statistics like response rates, question and answer word counts, and the average number of questions in a survey and publish interesting observations about these for informational or marketing purposes. When we do this, neither individual survey creators nor survey respondents will be identified or identifiable unless we have obtained their permission.
  • To contact you about your service or account. We occasionally send you communications of a transactional nature (e.g. service-related announcements, billing-related matters, changes to our services or policies, a welcome email when you first register). You can’t opt out of these communications since they are required to provide our services to you.
  • To contact you for marketing purposes. We will only contact you with marketing that we feel is relevant to you. If you subscribe to a newsletter, you may opt out of these communications at any time by clicking on the “unsubscribe” link in them.
  • To respond to legal requests and prevent harm. If we receive a subpoena or other legal request, we may need to inspect the data we hold to determine how to respond.

3. With whom do we share or disclose your information?

We don’t sell your survey data, unless you expressly permit us to!

4. When might we disclose your survey data to third parties?

Only for a limited number of reasons. We share your information with our service providers who help us to provide our services to you. We contractually bind these service providers to keep your information confidential and to use it only for the purpose of providing their services. For example, we use payment processors who help us to process credit card transactions. By using our services, you authorize Qualia Analytics to sub-contract in this manner on your behalf. In rare circumstances, we may share information if required by law, or in a corporate restructuring or acquisition context (see below for more details).

Sharing your surveys with the public. By default, your surveys are private. You are able to control who can take your survey through the way you distribute or advertise your survey. For example, surveys can be made completely public (and indexable by search engines), such as being hosted on your own website, or distributed to specific people with access to a unique URL.

We recognize that you have entrusted us with safeguarding the privacy of your information. Because that trust is very important to us, the only time we will disclose or share your personal information or survey data with a third party is when we have done one of three things, in accordance with applicable law: (a) given you notice, such as in this privacy policy; (b) obtained your express consent, such as through an opt-in checkbox or via email; or (c) de-identified or aggregated the information so that individuals or other entities cannot reasonably be identified by it. Where required by law, we will obtain your express consent prior to disclosing or sharing any personal information.

We may disclose:

  • Your information to our service providers. We use service providers who help us to provide you with our services. We give relevant persons working for some of these providers access to your information, but only to the extent necessary for them to perform their services for us. We also implement reasonable contractual and technical protections to ensure the confidentiality of your personal information and data is maintained, used only for the provision of their services to us, and handled in accordance with this privacy policy. Examples of service providers include payment processors, hosting services, email service providers, and web traffic analytics tools.
  • Your account details to your billing contact. If your details (as the account holder) are different to the billing contact listed for your account, we may disclose your identity and account details to the billing contact upon their request (we also will usually attempt to notify you of such requests). By using our services and agreeing to this privacy policy, you consent to this disclosure.
  • Your email address to your organization. If the email address under which you’ve registered your account belongs to or is controlled by an organization, we may disclose that email address to that organization in order to help it understand who associated with that organization uses Qualia Analytics, and to assist the organization with its accounts. (Please do not use a work email address for our services unless you are authorized to do so, and are therefore comfortable with this disclosure.)
  • Aggregated or de-identified information to third parties to improve or promote our services. No individuals can reasonably be identified or linked to any part of the information we share with third parties to improve or promote our services.
  • Your information if required or permitted by law. We may disclose your information as required or permitted by law, or when we believe that disclosure is necessary to protect our rights, and/or to comply with a judicial proceeding, court order, subpoena, or other legal process served on us.
  • Your information if there’s a change in business ownership or structure. If ownership of all or substantially all of our business changes, or we undertake a corporate reorganisation (including a merger or consolidation) or any other action or transfer between Qualia Analytics entities, you expressly consent to Qualia Analytics transferring your information to the new owner or successor entity so that we can continue providing our services. If required, Qualia Analytics will notify the applicable data protection agency in each jurisdiction of such a transfer in accordance with the notification procedures under applicable data protection laws.
  • Information you expressly consent to be shared. For example, we may expressly request your permission to provide your contact details to third parties or subsidiary brands for various purposes, including to allow those third parties or subsidiary brands to contact you for marketing purposes. (You may later revoke your permission, but if you wish to stop receiving communications from a third party to which we provided your information with your permission, you will need to contact that third party or subsidiary brand directly.)

5. What are your rights to your information?

You can:

  • Update your account details. You can update your account information with your system access or by contacting our Research Team (
  • Access and correct your personal information. You may access and correct the personal information that Qualia Analytics holds about you. This right may be exercised by changing information within your account or contacting the Research Team ( This right is subject to some exceptions, such as where giving you access would have an unreasonable impact on the privacy of other individuals. We will respond to your request for access or correction within a reasonable time and, where reasonable and practicable to do so, we will provide access to your personal information in the manner requested by you.
  • Download/backup your survey data. Depending on the agreement between you (the Customer) and Qualia Analytics, we provide you with the ability to export, share and publish your survey data in a variety of formats. This allows you to create your own backups or conduct offline data analysis
  • Delete your survey data. Qualia Analytics Admin Users can adjust or delete survey data at your request (by contacting the Research Team) and their discretion. To the extent permitted by law, we will not delete your data, even if you request to cancel your account with Qualia Analytics unless you specifically upon cancellation that you would like all data deleted from your system. However, if your data was previously made available to the public through a public link, additional copies of your data may remain available on the Internet even after your account has been deleted.

For how long do we retain your data? We generally retain your data for as long as you have an account with us, or to comply with our legal obligations, resolve disputes, or enforce our agreements. Data that is deleted from our servers may remain as residual copies on offsite backup media for up to approximately 12 months afterward.

Security, cookies and other important information

Changes to this privacy policy. We may modify this privacy policy at any time, but if we do so, we will notify you by publishing the changes on our website. If we determine the changes are material, we will provide you with additional, prominent notice as is appropriate under the circumstances, such as via email or in another conspicuous manner reasonably designed to notify you. If, after being informed of these changes, you do not cancel your subscription and continue to use our services beyond the advance-notice period, you will be considered as having expressly consented to the changes in our privacy policy. If you disagree with the terms of this privacy policy or any updated privacy policy, please notify our support team ( who will assist you.

  • Security. Details about Qualia Analytics’s security practices are available in our Security Statement. We are committed to handling your personal information and data with integrity and care. However, regardless of the security protections and precautions we undertake, there is can still be a risk that your personal data may be viewed and used by unauthorized third parties as a result of collecting and transmitting your data through the internet.
  • Cookies. We use cookies on our websites and web-forms. Cookies are small bits of data we store on the device you use to access our services so we can recognize repeat users. Each cookie expires after a certain period of time, depending on what we use it for. We use cookies for several reasons:
    • To make our site easier to use. If you use the “Remember me” feature when you sign into your account, we may store your username in a cookie to make it quicker for you to sign in whenever you return to Qualia Analytics.
    • For security reasons. We use cookies to authenticate your identity, such as confirming whether you are currently logged into Qualia Analytics.
    • To provide you with personalized content. We may store user preferences, such as your default language, in cookies to personalize the content you see. We also use cookies to ensure that users can’t retake certain surveys that they have already completed.
    • To improve our services. We use cookies to measure your usage of our websites and track referral data, as well as to occasionally display different versions of content to you. This information helps us to develop and improve our services and optimize the content we display to users.

We don’t believe cookies are sinister, but you can still choose to remove or disable cookies via your browser. Refer to your web browser’s configuration documentation to learn how to do this. Please note that doing this may adversely impact your ability to use our services. Enabling cookies ensures a smoother experience when using our websites. By using our websites and agreeing to this privacy policy, you expressly consent to the use of cookies as described in this policy.

  • Safety of Children and COPPA. Our services are not intended for and may not permissibly be used by individuals under the age of 13. Qualia Analytics does not knowingly collect personal data from persons under 13 or allow them to register. If it comes to our attention that we have collected personal data from such a person, we may delete this information without notice. If you have reason to believe that this has occurred, please contact customer support.

6. Additional information for European Union users

Qualia Analytics provides some of its services to users in the EU through Qualia Analytics Ltd, registered office in England.

  • “Personal data”. For users located in the EU, references to “personal information” in this policy are equivalent to what is commonly referred to as “personal data” in the EU.
  • About IP addresses. Our servers record the incoming IP addresses of visitors to our websites (whether or not the visitor has a Qualia Analytics account) and store the IP addresses in log files. We use these log files for purposes such as system administration and maintenance, record keeping, tracking referring websites, inferring your location, and security purposes (e.g. controlling abuse, spam and DDOS attacks). We also store IP addresses along with certain actions you take on our system. IP addresses are only linked to survey responses if a survey creator has configured a survey to collect IP addresses. By agreeing to this privacy policy, you expressly consent to Qualia Analytics using your IP address for the foregoing purposes. If you wish to opt out from the foregoing consent to use your IP address, you must cancel your account (if you have one) or not respond to a survey if requested to do so.
  • Data controller. Qualia Analytics (United Kingdom), is the data controller for registration, billing and other account information that we collect from users in the EU. However, the data controller for survey data is the survey creator. The survey creator determines how their survey questions and responses are used and disclosed. Qualia Analytics only processes such survey data in accordance with the instructions and permissions (including those given under this privacy policy) selected by the survey creator when they create and administer their survey.
  • Accessing and correcting your personal data. You have the right to access and correct the personal information that Qualia Analytics holds about you. This right may be exercised by visiting your account page or by contacting our support team (
  • Your responsibilities. By using our services, you agree to comply with applicable data protection requirements when collecting and using your survey data, such as requirements to inform respondents about the specific uses and disclosures of their data.

Consents: By use of your account, clicking “I Agree” or any other button indicating your acceptance of this privacy policy, you expressly consent to the following:

  • You consent to the collection, use, disclosure and processing of your personal data in the manner described in this privacy policy, including our procedures relating to cookies, IP addresses and log files.
  • Our servers are based in the United Kingdom, and your personal data will be processed in the United Kingdom. You consent to the transfer and processing of your personal data in the United States by Qualia Analytics LLC. and in the data locations by our various affiliates or subsidiary brands and service providers.
  • You consent and agree that we may transfer your data to data processors located in countries, including the United States, which do not have data protection laws that provide the same level of protection that exists in countries in the European Economic Area. Your consent is voluntary, and you may revoke your consent by opting out at any time. Please note that if you opt-out, we may have difficulty providing you with our services.
  • You consent to us sharing your personal data with relevant persons working for service providers who assist us to provide our services.
  • If you have enabled cookies on your web browser, you consent to our use of cookies as described in this privacy policy.

Qualia Analytics sub-processors

If you are a customer located in the European Union, we provide a list of sub-processors that we use for providing our services. In order to obtain this list you must first complete the form here.

Exercising your rights

Our Contact Information for Privacy Inquiries

Qualia Analytics, Ltd.

Unit 23 Trinity Technology & Enterprise Campus

Pearse Street, Dublin 02

D02 WR66,

Republic of Ireland


If you are located in the European Union and you are dissatisfied with how we have managed a complaint you have submitted to us, you are entitled to contact your local data protection supervisory authority. As Qualia Analytics, Ltd. operates its business in England, it operates under the remit of the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). For more information, please visit the ICO Website.