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Best-in-Class Research & Evaluation Systems | Qualia Analytics
Qualia Analytics provides professional evaluation services, expert consulting, and proprietary research & evaluation systems and technology.
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Who have we worked with?


What do we care about?

Qualia Analytics consists of a team of experts in research and evaluation. We care about good research, useful data and informed decision-making. We use best practice in everything we do to gather accurate, sustainable, and high quality information. Our propriety research technology enhances the entire process of research and evaluation to make life easier for everyone. We serve the global community with an enablement purpose.

What can we help with?

We aim to help you make better and more informed decisions, through sustainable and low cost solutions. Our technology-enhanced solutions strengthen your internal systems and alleviate common constraints to evaluation (time, budget and the lack of expert knowledge), that are normally required for high quality, robust evaluations.

How can we help you?

We provide full support for the entire evaluation process. Our research team can help you and your organisation consider or create your entire evaluation framework, from your research methods, to implementation and analysis. Our services are bolstered by our proprietary technology, offering greater flexibility and better insights than conventional methods.

Survey Design

We will remove uncertainty and help you avoid common pitfalls in research methods and survey design. Our advisors ensure your use of surveys for evaluation ask the right questions so you can gather accurate, relevant data.

Data Collection

Data collection from your visitors and customers is important. Our research team helps ensure the best methods are used and our technology does the rest. Our systems support one-time or ongoing collection with multiple time points, languages or locations.

Data Analysis

It is easy to become lost in your data. We are passionate about sound analysis and making data easy to understand. For this, we provide effective means of analysing and interpreting your data.

Data Management

The security and validity of your data is paramount. Our systems keep your data organised, secure and easily accessible to you at all times through a customised Dashboard.


We can build custom reports designed around your organisation's needs. Using your data we show you how your audience, customers or clients feel about your organisation, products or services. Our reports are high quality and easy to follow.


We want to empower your organisation and help you become more effective at research and analysis. Our goal is to help you get the best data possible and the most out of your data. We offer a range of standard and custom training courses and workshops (online and face-to-face).

What do you need to know about your audiences?

Start with your evaluation solutions.