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Available positions at Qualia Analytics to help development and delivery of technology systems for research and evaluation.
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Available Positions

Marketing Associate

The opportunity for this position is to ensure communications are meaningful, targeted and effective. Qualia Analytics will use many different mediums to communicate and connect with many different audiences. The marketing associate role ensures that information about Qualia Analytics’ business activities, services and technologies, as well as our subsidiary brands, reach a diverse network of potential customers. Each brand requires a distinct look, feel and overall experience for our prospective customers. Therefore, this position requires that you have a broad overview of business activities, clientele and prospective interests and to act effectively as a conduit for this information.

The scope of work for this position includes active and professional management of all e-commerce platforms, website communications, client relations, public relations, marketing strategies, print and electronic promotional literature (such as brochures and white papers), advertising, press releases, and the appropriate distribution of sales materials. This may include organization of events, conferences, and other means of ensuring face-to-face interactions that help ‘get the word out’ on our services and technologies.

Ultimately, you will plan and then implement strategies that put our “communication vehicles” in place to create momentum, awareness, and sales. You will need to be attuned to the effectiveness of different communications activities. In short, you will need to decide who, where, and when to disseminate information for the best result possible and then be able to refine and improve these communications to gain better and better results.

You will work as part of a ‘project team’ under the supervision of the marketing director. This role is cross-functional in nature, requiring that you work with other teams responsible for graphic and visual design, content editing, sales, communications, research and operations.


Summary of Duties & Skills

  • Ability to respond quickly and appropriately to marketing and communication opportunities.
  • Help develop, implement and evaluate:
    • All approaches and strategies for effective E-commerce strategies, ensuring platforms used are fit for purpose.
    • Use of Google Analytics to track levels of engagement and conversion over time, matching audience responses to communications strategy, channel, delivery approach and material.
    • Integrated marketing communication strategies that involve multiple projects or audiences produced in conjunction with marketing objectives.
  • Refine marketing communications plans that depend on the audience or constituent.
  • Help produce, contribute, or prepare marketing communication content and materials that provide brand relevant and value-added information to readers:
  • Includes brochures, news articles and advertorials, quarterly newsletters, blog and website posts.
  • Assist with marketing communication through social media.
  • Ensure new and consistent information (article links, stories, and events) is posted regularly and updated across media and communication channels.
  • Ability or comfort ensuring:
    • Effective use of photographic or other visual material (e.g. visual design experience or capability) to communicate brand value.
    • Effective use of audio and video editing, depending on business goals and ability to ensure content is accessible and communicates brand value and image (e.g., uploading to YouTube and providing appropriate links from websites to allow viewing).
    • Effective preparation and delivery of visual representations of data or information for audiences in conjunction with website and print content, e.g., Infographics.
  • Print materials are drafted, ready and delivered in advance to key marketing deadlines and communication opportunities.
  • Create, manage, update and use contact lists for various audiences and engagement plans.
  • Website maintenance, development & content management are developed with e-commerce and design principles in mind that have desired effects (e.g., measuring rate of responses to Call-to-actions, measuring click through rates, and sales conversions).

Required Capabilities

Role requires:

  • Working knowledge of marketing and communications theory and the use of both standardized and creative communication techniques; ability to know when to use one or the other, or both.
    • Knowledge of contemporary marketing techniques.
    • Able to respond quickly and appropriately to communication opportunities.
  • Able to effectively create, manage, and edit marketing collateral to provide well-written, organized and persuasive (based on particular marketing objectives) content that can both inform and influence a specific audience to action.
    • Highly professional.
    • Able to project a ‘good’ image, voice and tone for all business activities.
    • Capable of making persuasive arguments in support of conceptual ideas.
    • Attention to detail and accuracy in work. Low tolerance for communication errors.
  • An understanding of how a technology start-up might differ from a traditional business.
  • Effective organization and planning in a fast growth and quickly changing environment (e.g., an understanding of how a technology start-up might differ from traditional business).
    • Knowledge of agile project management principles.
    • Capacity to prioritise work appropriately based on communication needs and opportunities.
    • Ability to work on different projects over a short period of time, with shifting workloads, ensuring quick turn-around times.
  • Ability to work independently and/or coordinate activities with other team members, where different perspectives are actively sought and utilized.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
    • Fluency in English and ability to write at a professional level in English.

Desired Experience

  • Previous experience with designing, deploying, and/or maintaining e-commerce platforms.
  • Previous exposure to social science or market research principles and/or business products and services.
  • Previous experience in customer facing roles or managing others in such roles.
  • Previous experience designing and distributing marketing materials in the information technology (IT), university or market research sectors.

Education: Required & Desired

Bachelor’s degree in relevant subject (or currently studying with similar grades).

  • 16 or above degree result (PT)
  • 3.25 or above (USA)
  • 2:1 or above (UK)

Master’s or PhD degree in relevant subject with high grades (or currently studying for one of these degrees with good results).

Hours & Compensation

Starting compensation offers will depend on experience, education and your particular set of specialisms. Once an offer is made, your competencies, initiative and ability to prioritise and complete work will be taken into account. Frequent reviews can be expected with appropriate adjustments depending on your effort and ability. Qualia Analytics is a growing company and advancement can be expected depending on your performance.

Expected hours are at least 10 and up to 36 hours per week. However, your precise schedule can be flexible. Within this range, flexibility will depend on the scope of work you can perform, as well as your own motivation and initiative.


This position is a remote ‘tele-working’ position. There is no requirement that you work from an office. This provides flexible work locations that you can choose for yourself (e.g., library, cafe, home, on the beach). However, your work will usually require that you have both reliable and secure computer and internet access.