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Business Administrator

This Business Administrator role at Qualia Analytics (QA) serves to professionalize, organize and control business activities. The administrator is key to essential ‘control systems’ within the company, and will take schedules, structure and order responsibilities seriously (and be extremely good at it). The administrator is ultimately responsible for the stability of the company, and for ensuring long-term productivity, effective routines and robust financial administration.

As an administrator, you will be expected to develop a thorough understanding of the internal operations of the organization. This involves engaging with the different internal stakeholders and workflow processes to enable you to effectively implement them or suggest improvements or revisions to procedures where necessary so that they can be consistently and reliably repeated. You will be working closely with company directors and business managers to act as a central point for information, collating it and keeping track of organization-wide KPI’s that can be used when making strategic decisions at various ‘upper levels’ within the organization.

You should have a strong willingness to assert yourself in the creation of meaningful order, the desire to see that see that jobs get done and be very thorough and accurate. That is, you will naturally feel impatient with inefficiency and disorganization, but also be proactive (taking your own initiative) to establish your own order and routines.

This role comprises a key point of contact for internal communications and queries. Administrative responsibilities may span different business functions, including human resources, communications, bookkeeping and accounting, legal or operations. Some level of understanding or experience with social or market research, or technology companies would be strongly desirable.


Summary of Duties & Skills

General duties

  • Booking flights and hotels finding the most economical options.
  • Scheduling appointments.
  • Entering data into applications.
  • Handling paperwork and keeping company documentation organized.
  • Supervising junior administrative staff.
  • Interviewing and hiring junior administrative employees.
  • Maintain confidentiality of information.


  • Keep track of invoices, past due payments accounts, expenses.
  • Ensure collection of staff invoices and payments.
  • Minimising expenditures where appropriate.
  • Drafting cheques, invoices and receipts.
  • Approving budgets or expenses where appropriate.
  • Preparing annual financial reports and budgets.
  • Managing financial accounts.

Human Resources

  • Lead the ‘on boarding’ process for new staff.
  • Ensure organization of staff files.
  • Collate employee activity logs.
  • Provide assistance during the Performance Management Cycle.
  • Assist in filling organizational vacancies through the use of relevant job boards and the organizations referral scheme.


  • Managing client accounts.
  • Address customer issues/complaints.
  • Liaising with clients routinely to provide continuous attention to customer needs.

Operational support

  • Keep track of internal KPI’s.
  • Follow up and keep track of proposal delivery, deadlines, follow up.

Other administrative support

  • Provide ‘as needed’ support to Directors (meeting minutes, appointments, travel arrangements).

Required Capabilities & Competencies

You must have the following professional competencies:

  • High level of Professionalism.
  • Computer literacy and keyboard skills.
  • Proficient with Microsoft suite (Word, Excel, Powerpoint).
  • Proficient with Google work apps.
  • Excellent time management and prioritization skills.
  • Highly capable project planner and management skills.
  • Self-organization skills and low tolerance for ambiguity.
  • Strong willingness to assert yourself in the creation of meaningful order.
  • Proactive, with ability to use your own initiative to find useful and productive tasks.
  • Accuracy and high level attention to detail (easily annoyed with simple mistakes).
  • Desirable: Experience with Trello, Asana or other project management software.

You must have the following personal capabilities:

  • Takes responsibilities seriously and works hard to fulfil duties.
  • Enjoys creating schedules, structure and order (and are extremely good at it).
  • Excellent organizational abilities and works well with routine tasks.
  • Strong desire to see that jobs get done and can be depended on to follow tasks through to completion (ensuring that time sensitive tasks are not left incomplete).
  • Very thorough and strong desire to do things the ‘right’ way.
  • Will naturally feel patient with inefficiency.
  • Has a deep respect for facts and concrete information.

Education: Required & Desired


Certification or diploma in business administration or equivalent

  • May include knowledge and experience gained through informal education in administrative roles.


Bachelor’s degree in business administration or relevant subject (or currently studying with similar grades).

  • 16 or above degree result (PT)
  • 3.25 or above (USA)
  • 2:1 or above (UK)

Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) or PhD in relevant subject with high grades (or currently studying for one of these degrees with good results).

Hours & Compensation

Starting compensation offers will depend on experience, education and your particular set of specialisms. Once an offer is made, your competencies, initiative and ability to prioritise and complete work will be taken into account. Frequent reviews can be expected with appropriate adjustments depending on your effort and ability. Qualia Analytics is a growing company and advancement can be expected depending on your performance.

Expected hours are at least 10 and up to 36 hours per week. However, your precise schedule can be flexible. Within this range, flexibility will depend on the scope of work you can perform, as well as your own motivation and initiative.


This position is a remote ‘tele-working’ position. There is no requirement that you work from an office. This provides flexible work locations that you can choose for yourself (e.g., library, cafe, home, on the beach). However, your work will usually require that you have both reliable and secure computer and internet access.