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Results & Analytics Customization Options | Qualia Analytics
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Results & Analytics Customization Options

Results, Statistics & Charts Customization

The backend of the survey system offers customization of the charts and analytics sections, offering great flexibility in the number of insights and information that the institutional stakeholders’ are able to gather from the collected data. In order to customize your analytics pages, please follow the steps that are detailed below.

1. Please click the ‘Add Page’ button in the secondary navigation panel (white panel), to add a new analytics section to your dashboard. The location of the button is highlighted in red in the picture below.

2. Customize to your preferences your analytics page by adding a ‘Page Icon’ (highlighted in red) and a ‘Page Name’ (in blue) and accept by clicking on the ‘Save’ button (in green)

3. A new page will be created and opened automatically. You will be able to start adding charts immediately. Your page will be located by default in a middle-way position in your primary navigation panel (dark) and it will be called the way you selected in the previous step (as highlighted in blue). Please click on the ‘Add chart’ button (highlighted in red) to add analytics contents to your new page.

4.1. Type and search into the ‘Select questions for display’ bar for any questions that you would like shown on the current page, this will allow you finer detailed page customization by adding specific questions individually.

4.2. Click on the ‘Include related questions’ toggle to be able to be shown advanced search options that allow yourself to add entire question blocks as they are configured in your survey design. For example, click the toggle and search for a title of a page in your survey to be able to add every question belonging to the page you looked for.

In the ‘Display type’ selector, please select the type of chart according to the type of analysis of the current page.

6. After configuring the chart(s) to add to the page, click on the ‘save’ button below.

7. A confirmation message will be shown in the lower left corner of your screen and the selected chart(s) will be added to the end of the current page. A ‘menu’ will appear to the left showing the different charts available. For advanced statistics and analytics, click on ‘See more’ in any of your charts.

8. You can delete or modify any of your charts using the top-right corner options on each chart:


  • If you are not able to find the ‘Add Chart’ or the ‘Add Page’ buttons in your dashboard, please ask your organization owners and managers or contact our support team to upgrade your team access to the manager level, where you will be allowed to add and edit analytics pages.
  • For customization of the name shown on an existing page, please contact the support team at